Reliable. Competitive. Transparent.

Very happy with experience from start to finish. I found their website after doing some research. Website had all the basic information that I wanted upfront that helped me make the call to follow up with them. They made it simple and answered all my questions with knowledge and care. The whole process was smooth from start to finish. Really happy with my choice and their professionalism. I would recommend and will definitely use them in the future, if need be.

Allan H.

From the first call for information through closing, the staff at Empire made the entire process easy and stress-free. It took just over two weeks from my first call to signing papers Also, I called when rates took a sudden one-day hike, David suggested I monitor rates and call him back when they fell – how many mortgage brokers do that?? I felt like he was looking out for me and wasn’t just out for a quick buck.

Jeanne T.

I just found the best rates in the entire US… you should give them a call. They have a website that provides you with all the details of the IR, APR and closing cost at your fingertip. I would like my friends and family to use them as they not only were extremely helpful and attentive, but have the lowest rates. I keep getting calls from other lenders and were trying to tell me that it was not possible to get so great rates and tried to discourage  me to use Empire of America.

Claudia M.

We recently closed a cash out refi loan on our home. I contacted several lenders and David at Empire of America was by far the most helpful with answering my questions and walking me through the process.

M. T.

Empire of America was great! Fast and on top of everything. We got our refinance in less than a month! Then I recommended to friends who also got their refinance and are very happy and thankful for my referral! I’m referring then to you as well!

C. G.

Very impressed with Empire of America! Was in the market to get a cash out refinance on my home, I called many Mortgage Companies and with my credit they all Quoted me in the mid 4% range, I ran across an ad for Empire of America and decided to give them A call. I spoke to David and he qave me a very good rate that would be offered to someone with a better credit score at the other companies, I couldn’t pass up nor could I believe it. I was actually in the process of going for a mid 4% loan and boy was the other mortgage company upset, they even tried to tell me it was a scam and there is no way anyone could offer what Empire of America was offering. The Loan process was so fast and easy. They always answered questions promptly and very nice. Highly recommend Empire of America if you want a no headache loan with very low rates.

R. M.

We recently refinanced our home and Empire was extremely helpful throughout the process. David helped sort through our options on the front end and the processing staff was in constant communication letting me know where things were at. They were able to quickly straighten out a mess caused by a previous lender which helped keep things on track. The loan closed on time and and the quoted fees were very accurate. I would definitely recommend Empire for anyone looking for home loan services.

Chris W.

I’ve worked with David at Empire of America twice now; once for my initial home mortgage and again for a re-fi. What really set David apart for me was his genuine helpful attitude. Down to earth guy and not at all sales-y. Of all the lenders I spoke to, it was David’s rates that were the lowest, and at no cost to me. David is also very easy to contact; I’ve called his office many times over the course of our transactions and spoke to him directly almost every time. I have already referred others to David and I will continue doing so.

Ed W.

We worked with David and Stephanie. They were very helpful and knew everything that needed to be done. We were on a timeline as we were buying a new home and the builder was reluctant to have a third party lender involved. They did a great job and there were no problems at all. They made us feel very confident in their abilities and they delivered. We will be using them again next time we move.

Sean B.

Let me put it down on paper clearly. If you are NOT using Empire of America or choose another lender you lose out on the most professional, transparent, rapid as it can be, and low cost if you desire. . . .borrowing experience on the market today! Empire of America had the rates and fees to choose from listed right on their site. I was not encouraged to quickly lock in something and did not feel the need to as every time I went to the site the same rates and fees were there over the course of 2 weeks. I was on the bubble with other lenders due to ratio issues and writing off all my legal deductions for my job. The staff kept on insisting to me don’t worry about that and you are fine. We can make your loan work and they did! The underwriting experience and back and forth issues which always seem to come up in real estate financing, were minimal and always quickly addressed.

My past experiences have not all been good, but with Empire America I was in Very Good Hands!

Mark H.
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Horses for Courses - Defining your Residential Real Estate Financing Strategy

David A. Jones

This is a term widely used in the foreign-language translation industry, where a translator is selected for a job not solely based on his or her fluency in a language but also based on knowledge of the subject matter. Horses for courses is more of a proverb than anything else, and in financial markets that means match the financing to your purpose. For example, your real estate financing strategy, not someone else’s, and reap the benefits.

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Choosing the Right Mortgage Lender

David A. Jones

Today there are many mortgage lenders and brokers eager to accept your mortgage loan application, and it’s important for you to shop around and choosing the right mortgage lender for your requirements. Here are some tips for choosing the right mortgage lender.

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10 Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Lender

David A. Jones

Always ask the relevant mortgage lender questions when shopping for mortgage lenders, and well before you make a commitment to use their services. And, continue shopping for the right lender until you find a lender you feel comfortable with, someone who will assist you in finding the right mortgage product for your goals, not theirs.