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Purchase - I'm purchasing a home and need pre-approval for financing.
Refinance – I’m paying off an existing mortgage, no cash-out
Refinance Cash-Out – I&m refinancing to pay off other mortgages, liabilities, or obtain cash at closing

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By signing below, in addition to the representations and agreements made above, I expressly authorize the Lender and Other Loan Participants to obtain, use, and share with each other (i) the loan application and related loan information and documentation, (ii) a consumer report on me, and (iii) my tax return information, as necessary to perform the actions listed below, for so long as they have an interest in my loan of its servicing: (a) process and underwrite my loan; (b) verify any data contained in my consumer credit report, my loan application and other information supporting my loan application; (c) inform credit and investment decisions by the Lender and Other Loan Participants; (d) perform audit, quality control, and legal compliance analysis and reviews; (e) perform analysis and modeling for risk assessments; (f) monitor the account for this loan for potential delinquencies and determine any assistance that may be available to me; and (g) other actions permissible under applicable law.

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