Application & Pre-Approval

Appraisal Not Required? Maybe Not! Find Out Before You Place an Offer to Buy a Home!

April 7, 2022

You can always remove an appraisal contingency from your purchase offer, but did you know that the appraisal itself may not be a lender requirement for mortgage financing (it’s called a property appraisal inspection waiver or PIW)? This can be […]

Can I Qualify with Self-Employment?

March 8, 2022

The quick answer is yes, absolutely! We work with plenty of clients who are self-employed. Here are some quick rules and guides to help you see how it works: History Requirement: Two-year history of the company/self-employment. Some exceptions are made [...]

Mortgage Lender or Broker? What’s the Difference?

March 17, 2022

Is there a difference between a mortgage brokers and a mortgage lender? Yes. Lenders are creditors, have full control over all lending aspects of the lending transaction. Brokers: not so much. Brokers are not creditors; and therefore, they do not […]

Mortgage Transaction Steps

March 8, 2022

Common questions: Can we close in less than 30 days? Absolutely, we often close much sooner. If you were interested in a specific timeframe, just mention it to your loan consultant and we can usually accommodate you. Do I need [...]

Underwriting Tips that Can Save a Real Estate Transaction

April 7, 2022

Listed below are a few underwriting tips of the trade, that we use in a tight spot when qualifying clients. Not everyone knows about these underwriting maneuvers, so we thought we would share – as there are many ways to […]