Frequently Asked Questions

Why Update A Pre-Approval Letter?

Updating your pre-approval letter can make your offer to purchase property more appealing. These are the updates we suggest when you are actively home shopping;

  1. Ensure the purchase price and loan amount on the letter match up to your purchase price and loan amount on your offer to purchase. If it shows differently, the seller may conclude that the purchase price is negotiable.
  2. List the exact subject property address on the pre-approval letter. It will show due diligence on your part in putting together a thoughtful and well considered offer. Everything should match and your lender has acknowledged the subject property being considered for purchase.
  3. Show your scores! If you have credit scores at 700 or higher, we suggest listing them on the pre-letter. Sellers will feel more reassured and comfortable of buyers who can keep their credit obligations current and demonstrate good to excellent credit scores.

How do you get your pre-approval letter updated? Simply email the details, purchase price, down payment and new subject property address, to and your pre-approval letter will be updated in minutes!

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