Frequently Asked Questions

Can I close my loan in the name of a Trust?

Yes, Empire allows for mortgage loans to be closed in a Trust. The documentation needed to review closing in a trust is a complete copy of the Trust itself, and a copy of the Certificate of Trust.  If the review is successful and the Trust is eligible, we will allow the new mortgage loan to close in the name of the Trust.

Alternatively, we can close the transaction by deeding the property at closing back to your personal name(s), then closing the transaction in your name(s) and then deeding the property back into the Trust once the new first mortgage is recorded. The subject property is only out of the Trust for a few minutes as the deeding out of the Trust, and back into the Trust occur simultaneously at the county recorder’s office. This process is handled seamlessly by the title company, and only slightly increases the recording fees to do so. Some clients do prefer this alternative method as they can avoid the process of a full Trust review.